Farmer Feature


Mike and Mark are brothers from Thedford Ontario.  They are apple farmers caring for over 15,000 apple trees, started by their parents Joe and Alma. And they happen to make an award winning apple cider too.  Award winning cidermakers must have pretty awesome apples! As Mark says: "We love cider... but our real love is our farm; our apples".

The brothers not only care about their apples, but they care about the environment too.  Twin Pines has reserved a portion of the farm that is completely grown without pesticides. The remainder of the orchard is designated as an IPM orchard (Integrated Pest Management). Mark and Mike have been trained and certified to scout for both good and bad insects in the orchards and gardens, and as a result they can determine when they must use sprays to protect the apples, but more importantly, they are able to determine when spraying is not necessary. "We are proud to work hard at maintaining this approach and philosophy of farming".

At Ernest Cider, we're proud to make our cider supporting farmers like Mike & Mark at Twin Pines Orchard.  Their gorgeous apples are used in our recipe.